The Home Repair Handbook deals with the stacks of breakages and rebuilds that make us. I often hear how resilient we are. This sentiment perpetuates a destructive and false narrative of the heroic individual, a hyper-capitalist white-supremacist, patriarchal cornerstone. We are not resilient. We are broke down and, in many cases, barely surviving. Most of us do not need to romanticize suffering. We are tired, and would like to be able to have the learning experiences we choose, the character building that comes with a safe space to take risk, and the possibility that comes with the support and affirmation of our institutions, communities, and interpersonal relationships. We need one another, and to consider these breakages, and ourselves, as inherently connected to one another. These artworks speak to the material consequence of trauma in our bodies and buildings and ask us to acknowledge the scar tissue that makes up our world. It asks us to reframe our conversation about mental health away from the failings of individual psyches and toward the structural failings of a society that dehumanizes, isolates, and paralyzes people and then blames them for the great failure of the American Dream.